Top 5 Crossfit Exercises for Triceps

You need to take a number of factors into consideration while selecting the best triceps exercises. You also need to effective Crossfit workouts to build the size and strength you are seeking. Work on the given below Crossfit exercises into your weekly training at Crossfit gym and you will see a remarkable improvement in your triceps in a very short span of time.

Close Grip Bench Press

Close grip bench press is one of the best Crossfit exercises for triceps. This exercise allows you to put maximum stress on the one muscle beside the pecs to increase your bench.

Practice the close grip bench press which is similar to a regular bench press but place your hands shoulder-width apart. Do not let your elbows drift away from your body that you do with a regular bench press.

At the bottom, the bar should come to the lower portion of your chest, whereas at the top, the bar should be over your upper chest. Ideally, your forearms should be perpendicular to the floor during the workout. Place your hands and wrists directly over your elbows across the Crossfit workout.

Dips (weighted)

Dips are the classic triceps building exercise. Keep your body upright to put pressure on your triceps instead of your chest. Use a belt with a chain to add more weight if you can do more than 5 repetitions at a body weight. During the workout, always respect the flexibility and stability of your shoulder. Never lower your body so far that put stress on your shoulders. Always use a bounce-free concentric movement.

Rack Lockouts & Board Press

Both rack lockouts and board press are the real power-lifting exercises. The ultimate goal of these Crossfit exercises is to train the top portion of the bench press. Mostly, people prefer lockouts because if you use too much weight, you can just rack the bad without any worry.

Board Press

Mostly powerlifters used to choose board press over the rack lockouts. Board press is almost similar to the regular bench press, but it has a shorter range of motions. You’re allowed to change the thickness of the boards starting from one inch to ten inches according to your workout requirement.

Lying French Press

Lying French press is also called as skullcrushers and nosebreakers. This Crossfit triceps exercise allows you to work up to a decent weight, and this exercise works on your triceps from a different angle as compared to any other pressing movement.

Use an EZ curl bar and position your hands shoulder-width apart. Lower the bar under control down to your nose, your hairline, or behind your head.

Close Grip (diamond) push ups (with a clap)

Close grip push ups will condition your triceps to contract with maximum force. Position your hands just lower than your chest with index fingers and thumb tips touching. The space left should form a diamond. As soon as you perform 10 pushups without the clap, add the clap. In order to clap properly, you need to push hard and high enough to execute the clap and return your hands to proper diamond position for the next repetition.

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