Crossfit Shoulder Exercises without Weights

If you don’t want to join a gym or don’t want to invest in a set of weights, there are certain Crossfit exercises you can do to strengthen your shoulders without any weights. Most of the Crossfit exercises are relatively simple and often included in standard Crossfit workouts. In this blog post, we are discussing about 4 Crossfit shoulder exercises without weights to help in building shoulder muscles-

Pull Ups

Include Pull-ups in your Crossfit workout. To practice pull-ups at Crossfit home gym, grab the pull-up bar with your hands placed shoulder-width apart and palm facing away. Pull yourself upward until your chin passes the bar and completes the Crossfit exercise by gradually moving to the hanging position.


Perform pushups periodically across the week. Unlike pull-ups, this Crossfit exercise helps in building muscles in the chest and triceps along with shoulder muscles. In order to practice pushups in the right way, hold a pull-up bar by placing your hands shoulder width-apart, palm facing away. Lower the body by bending the elbow until they come in line with your shoulders, now pushes your body up while keeping your arms straight.

Shoulder Dips

Shoulder dips help in strengthening your shoulder girdle. Take a bench or a chair and place your palm at the edge of the seat and wrap your fingers underneath. Walk out your feet to put your butt off the seat and extend your legs straight. Lower your body by bending both arms, but be sure your elbows point away from the back. Lift your body up by straightening the arms. Repeat.

Handstand Pushups

Kick up to a handstand against a wall. Lower yourself until you touch the floor with the top of your head. Push back to handstand. The Crossfit exercise is great to get bigger, wider and stronger shoulders.


To perform pull-ups at home, buy a chin bar for your Crossfit home gym. This Crossfit equipment hooks onto the frame of an average-sized door to provide you enough space to pull the chest up to the chin bar. Always perform the Crossfit workouts under the supervision of a certified trainer and never take a break during the Crossfit exercises.

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