Top 2 Crossfit Upper-body Exercises to Gain Absolute Strength

Fitness goals should include building upper-body strength, which can be accomplished by performing a great series of Crossfit exercises that targets major muscle groups. While there are numerous options available with Crossfit home gym for upper-body strength, the two Crossfit exercises are multi-joint compound movements that actually respond to each other- the handstand pushup and pullups.


Pullups are excellent Crossfit upper-body exercises and can be performed with minimal equipment. The exercise demands a specific technique for each repetition to improve the overall fitness. You can hold the pullup bar with any grip, including overhand, underhand or alternating grips depending upon your choice. Start the workout by hanging from the bar with arms fully extended and pulls yourself up until your chin passes the bar.

Scaled varieties of Pullups

Many individuals face difficulty this exercises as it has several progressions and varieties. The first progression you ought to perform by using a pullup machine or resistance bands. As with practice, your strength will improve, you will gradually perform an unassisted pullup. While performing unassisted pullup, try to perform as many reps as possible in the minimum time.

Handstand Pushups

Handstand pushups are a functional upper-body exercise that utilizes your complete body weight for resistance. While practicing the exercise, your body will be inverted when you stand on your hands to perform an up and down movement. Start performing the exercise by getting into an inverted position and lowering your body to the ground until your head touches the ground. Push yourself against the ground to return back to the starting position.

Progressions to Handstand Pushups

Crossfit handstand pushups are perfect to build strength and coordination. You need to gain mastery over the traditional pushups and then gradually shift to handstand pushups. To practice, place your feet on a chair and perform incline pushups until your feet are vertical. Perform 20 reps of the freestanding handstand pushup.

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