Invest in Good Health with a Crossfit Home Gym

The Crossfit training system specializes in equipment that builds endurance, flexibility, toning, and muscle. It is an exceptional training system based on free weight training and other specialized equipment, which can be adapted to meet a variety of fitness goals. Creating a Crossfit home gym gives people the freedom to achieve an outstanding gym experience in the privacy of their home. This system can be purchased in a range of workout levels, and upgraded as needed to achieve more intense training objectives. Depending on the individual’s fitness goals, there is a Crossfit level to meet their needs. There are five levels of training equipment packages; Basics, Essentials, Prospect, Elite, and Champ.

The Basics:

The Basics is a beginning stage workout package. It contains the Crossfit 140 pound bumper plates, barbell, barbell clips, AbMat, gym chalk, and pull-up bar. This package allows individuals to perform seventeen Crossfit workouts. This is the perfect regime for the beginner, who wants to start a fitness program based on strength training, endurance, toning, and weight loss.

The Essential:

The essential takes fitness training to another stage adding a more complex weight training system. This set of equipment includes the Crossfit barbell, barbell clips, AbMat, gym chalk, pull-up bar, 260 pounds of weights, dip rings, 20 pound medicine ball, and kettlebell. This combination of training apparatus allows individuals to perform more intense Crossfit workouts. This stage takes the beginner to a more complex muscle building and body sculpting level.

The Prospect:

The Prospect is packed with conditioning options for both men and women. This Crossfit training system includes; 260 pounds of weights, barbell, barbell clips, AbMat, gym chalk, pull up bar, dip rings, kettlebell  1 pood for women and 1 ½ pood for men, medicine ball 14 pounds for women and 20 pounds for men, plyo boxes, squat posts , exercise tubing, Eva therapy ball and Eva circular foam roller. This package allows individuals to setup a home gym for the ladies and the guys.

The Elite:

The Elite is for the person who is serious about weight training and an extreme workout. The Elite comes with 350 pounds of weights, barbell, barbell clips, gym chalk, pull up bar, AbMat, kettlebell in both 1 and 1 ½ poods,  medicine ball 14 and 20 pounds, squat posts, sand bag system, flat bench, plyo boxes, flat bench, 15 foot climbing rope, exercise tubing, Eva circular foam roller and Eva therapy ball. This package is similar to weight training centers found in commercial gyms.

The Champ:

The Champ has the same weight training equipment as the Elite, but also includes a rowing machine, and GHD, which stands for glutes ham developer. The Champ is the complete Crossfit system. Individuals can also buy gym apparel, racks for storing equipment, and nutritional supplements. There are also online forums, which give advice about different exercise routines for children, women, and men. Special financing makes owning a home gym affordable and it is one of the best investments people can make for lifelong health.