4 Crossfit Kettlebell Workouts to Focus on Major Muscle Groups

There are various compound movements are incorporated in a crossfit kettlebell workout that not only focus on improving cardio but also strengthening your entire body. Unlike the typical gym workouts, crossfit home gym is renowned for creating training programs that focus on all major muscle groups throughout the body. Kettlebell workouts created by crossfit is perfect for toning all major muscle groups and increase your fitness level as well.


Snatch is an important crossfit exercise used to be performed with kettlebell. To perform this exercise, stand up and put the kettlebell on the floor between your feet. Bend your kneed and push your hips back while keeping your butt low to the ground. Now, swing the kettlebell back between your legs and immediately spin your grip so that the kettlebell rests on the back of your forearm. Pull the kettlebell to your chest quickly. You need to control and balance your weight will as the snatch movement is quick.

Clean and Press

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Put the kettlebell on the floor and bend your knees slightly. Hold the kettlebell with one hand and raise it to the chest, flip it over your hand so that it rests on your forearm. Use your explosive power in your hips, knees and ankles to “clean” the kettlebell. When you raise the kettlebell to your chest, tighten your core muscles and raise the kettlebell over your head. This crossfit exercise mainly targets your quadriceps and shoulders, but you need to stabilize your core, back, hips and ankles throughout the workout.

One Arm Swing

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your waist and knees slightly and hold the kettlebell between your legs. Now, swing the kettlebell backward, and swing it to chest level forcefully while keeping your body straight. Quickly switch hands and catch the kettlebell in the air when you raise it to your chest level and keep changing the hands as you rise.


Stand with legs wider than shoulder width. Place one arm overhead and bend your waist a bit when you pick up the kettlebell. Extend your hand over your head and let the kettlebell touch the ground. Bend from your hips and keep your back flat when you lower and raise the kettlebell. This crossfit exercise is beneficial for your oblique and hamstrings.

So, aforesaid are four important crossfit kettlebell exercises that help you toning your entire body by focusing on the major muscle groups of your body.


How to Lose Weight with Crossfit Workouts

An intense exercise program and an effective diet plan is the only way to reduce weight successfully. Fat-burning exercises usually involve multiple repetitions and robust training. If you want to join an effective weight-lose training program, join crossfit gym now!

Apart from helping people to build muscles, crossfit workouts also help people lose weight without causing any side-effects. By following the 5-day a week exercise program at crossfit home gym, you will reduce extra weight, but also gain a notable body shape.

A Unique and Effective Weight-loss program

If you already have idea about crossfit workouts, you know that these sessions are hard to top. Almost every workout session includes pull-ups, chin-ups, squats and burpees. All these exercises are excellent for your body as you burn fat quickly and attain a lean and mean physique.

Since crossfit workouts are more focused on getting complete fitness, you get the full spectrum of exercise. All the exercises in crossfit gym incorporate 10 elements – agility, endurance, balance, accuracy, speed, power, flexibility, stamina, coordination and strength. So, if you’re following the WOD plan seriously, you will lose weight definitely.

Learn Discipline and create mental toughness

If you want to lose weight, you have to control your food craving and improve your discipline. Crossfit training sessions help people brining a mental toughness which is essential to break bad eating habits. You have to be disciplined and determined to push yourself hard through the daily workouts and become a different person. Stay away from unhealthy food and exercise regularly to get rid of obesity in a short span of time.

 A right diet plan that keep your weight under control

You have to keep the amount of starches and sugars low to burn fat and create definition. You need to redefine everything from the way you eat to what time to eat and how often you eat to make your weight loss treatment a success. Eat small meals three times a day will allow you to control your food craving.

Crossfit weight loss training programs are not at all easy. There are many people who joined the crossfit training program to take their fitness to the next level but failed. If you want to overcome your obesity and reduce your weight successfully, you need to keep your focus until you achieve your weight-loss goals.