Top 2 Crossfit Upper-body Exercises to Gain Absolute Strength

Fitness goals should include building upper-body strength, which can be accomplished by performing a great series of Crossfit exercises that targets major muscle groups. While there are numerous options available with Crossfit home gym for upper-body strength, the two Crossfit exercises are multi-joint compound movements that actually respond to each other- the handstand pushup and pullups.


Pullups are excellent Crossfit upper-body exercises and can be performed with minimal equipment. The exercise demands a specific technique for each repetition to improve the overall fitness. You can hold the pullup bar with any grip, including overhand, underhand or alternating grips depending upon your choice. Start the workout by hanging from the bar with arms fully extended and pulls yourself up until your chin passes the bar.

Scaled varieties of Pullups

Many individuals face difficulty this exercises as it has several progressions and varieties. The first progression you ought to perform by using a pullup machine or resistance bands. As with practice, your strength will improve, you will gradually perform an unassisted pullup. While performing unassisted pullup, try to perform as many reps as possible in the minimum time.

Handstand Pushups

Handstand pushups are a functional upper-body exercise that utilizes your complete body weight for resistance. While practicing the exercise, your body will be inverted when you stand on your hands to perform an up and down movement. Start performing the exercise by getting into an inverted position and lowering your body to the ground until your head touches the ground. Push yourself against the ground to return back to the starting position.

Progressions to Handstand Pushups

Crossfit handstand pushups are perfect to build strength and coordination. You need to gain mastery over the traditional pushups and then gradually shift to handstand pushups. To practice, place your feet on a chair and perform incline pushups until your feet are vertical. Perform 20 reps of the freestanding handstand pushup.


5 Crossfit Workouts to Improve Your Fitness Level

Crossfit workouts are known for creating a perfect blend of strength, stamina, agility, flexibility, power, speed and balance. Anyone whether man or woman wants to have a fit and string body prefers to join crossfit home gym since Crossfit workouts involve your complete body, not just a part of it.

If your aim is to have a fit body only, Crossfit workouts are not for you. Crossfit exercises are for the people who want to gain complete fitness, build and tone the muscles. It is not necessary to join any gym to practice the Crossfit exercises, there are some exercises that you can do at home and improve your fitness level.


If you want to choose only one exercise for your body, it should be sprinting. Sprinting strengthens both anaerobic and aerobic energy system. If you want lean and strong muscles, sprinting is the right choice for you. Crossfit sprint exercises are bets for maintaining high level of fitness and stamina. Choose any Crossfit exercise, including running, trunk jumps, rocket jumps, or any exercise and perform it for 20 minutes continuously without taking any break.


Just like sprint, perform squats regularly for 20 minutes.  Squat is one of the finest Crossfit lower-body exercise. It reduces the amount of cellulite in your bottom area and makes your butt muscles more toned and firm. Include squats in your workout and repeat it in as many rounds as you can within 20 minutes.

Power-lifting and Weightlifting

Crossfit power-lifting exercises are one of the strengthening and conditioning exercises. Practice squat, bench press and deadlifts as a part of your workouts under the supervision of a certified fitness trainer. Along with power-lifting, you need to perform Crossfit weightlifting exercises such as pull-ups. Barbell bent-over rows, one-arm dumbbell rows, lat pull downs, barbell shrug and dumbbells shrug to build and strengthen your chest and back muscles.

Jump Rope

Try to jump faster and higher while performing the Crossfit jump rope exercise. This Crossfit exercise is much easier than power-lifting and can be done at home easily.  Jump rope training develops coordination, agility, flexibility, quickness, footwork and endurance in your body.

Pull up Bars and climb rope

You don’t need much Crossfit equipments to perform pull up bars and climb rope exercises.  Install a rope in your Crossfit home gym that can carry your weight.  Pull yourself up to strengthen most of your muscles.

Crossfit Shoulder Exercises without Weights

If you don’t want to join a gym or don’t want to invest in a set of weights, there are certain Crossfit exercises you can do to strengthen your shoulders without any weights. Most of the Crossfit exercises are relatively simple and often included in standard Crossfit workouts. In this blog post, we are discussing about 4 Crossfit shoulder exercises without weights to help in building shoulder muscles-

Pull Ups

Include Pull-ups in your Crossfit workout. To practice pull-ups at Crossfit home gym, grab the pull-up bar with your hands placed shoulder-width apart and palm facing away. Pull yourself upward until your chin passes the bar and completes the Crossfit exercise by gradually moving to the hanging position.


Perform pushups periodically across the week. Unlike pull-ups, this Crossfit exercise helps in building muscles in the chest and triceps along with shoulder muscles. In order to practice pushups in the right way, hold a pull-up bar by placing your hands shoulder width-apart, palm facing away. Lower the body by bending the elbow until they come in line with your shoulders, now pushes your body up while keeping your arms straight.

Shoulder Dips

Shoulder dips help in strengthening your shoulder girdle. Take a bench or a chair and place your palm at the edge of the seat and wrap your fingers underneath. Walk out your feet to put your butt off the seat and extend your legs straight. Lower your body by bending both arms, but be sure your elbows point away from the back. Lift your body up by straightening the arms. Repeat.

Handstand Pushups

Kick up to a handstand against a wall. Lower yourself until you touch the floor with the top of your head. Push back to handstand. The Crossfit exercise is great to get bigger, wider and stronger shoulders.


To perform pull-ups at home, buy a chin bar for your Crossfit home gym. This Crossfit equipment hooks onto the frame of an average-sized door to provide you enough space to pull the chest up to the chin bar. Always perform the Crossfit workouts under the supervision of a certified trainer and never take a break during the Crossfit exercises.

Invest in Good Health with a Crossfit Home Gym

The Crossfit training system specializes in equipment that builds endurance, flexibility, toning, and muscle. It is an exceptional training system based on free weight training and other specialized equipment, which can be adapted to meet a variety of fitness goals. Creating a Crossfit home gym gives people the freedom to achieve an outstanding gym experience in the privacy of their home. This system can be purchased in a range of workout levels, and upgraded as needed to achieve more intense training objectives. Depending on the individual’s fitness goals, there is a Crossfit level to meet their needs. There are five levels of training equipment packages; Basics, Essentials, Prospect, Elite, and Champ.

The Basics:

The Basics is a beginning stage workout package. It contains the Crossfit 140 pound bumper plates, barbell, barbell clips, AbMat, gym chalk, and pull-up bar. This package allows individuals to perform seventeen Crossfit workouts. This is the perfect regime for the beginner, who wants to start a fitness program based on strength training, endurance, toning, and weight loss.

The Essential:

The essential takes fitness training to another stage adding a more complex weight training system. This set of equipment includes the Crossfit barbell, barbell clips, AbMat, gym chalk, pull-up bar, 260 pounds of weights, dip rings, 20 pound medicine ball, and kettlebell. This combination of training apparatus allows individuals to perform more intense Crossfit workouts. This stage takes the beginner to a more complex muscle building and body sculpting level.

The Prospect:

The Prospect is packed with conditioning options for both men and women. This Crossfit training system includes; 260 pounds of weights, barbell, barbell clips, AbMat, gym chalk, pull up bar, dip rings, kettlebell  1 pood for women and 1 ½ pood for men, medicine ball 14 pounds for women and 20 pounds for men, plyo boxes, squat posts , exercise tubing, Eva therapy ball and Eva circular foam roller. This package allows individuals to setup a home gym for the ladies and the guys.

The Elite:

The Elite is for the person who is serious about weight training and an extreme workout. The Elite comes with 350 pounds of weights, barbell, barbell clips, gym chalk, pull up bar, AbMat, kettlebell in both 1 and 1 ½ poods,  medicine ball 14 and 20 pounds, squat posts, sand bag system, flat bench, plyo boxes, flat bench, 15 foot climbing rope, exercise tubing, Eva circular foam roller and Eva therapy ball. This package is similar to weight training centers found in commercial gyms.

The Champ:

The Champ has the same weight training equipment as the Elite, but also includes a rowing machine, and GHD, which stands for glutes ham developer. The Champ is the complete Crossfit system. Individuals can also buy gym apparel, racks for storing equipment, and nutritional supplements. There are also online forums, which give advice about different exercise routines for children, women, and men. Special financing makes owning a home gym affordable and it is one of the best investments people can make for lifelong health.